Main Stage Artists 

Thursday - VIP Sessions

Staff, Security, musicians and volunteers only. Soundcheck for River Frog and Bow Thayer


1:00 PM Jo Moon

2:30 PM Hudsons Crew

4:00 PM Andy Lugo

5:30 PM Super Stash Bros

7:00 PM Choirs of Aether

8:30 PM Rick Redington & The Luv

10:00 PM The WelterWeights



1:00 PM Nate Bryne

2:30 PM New Nile Orchestra

4:00 PM Seven Leaves

5:30 PM Soul Tree

7:00 PM Krishna Guthrie Band

8:30 PM Hamjob

10:00 PM Bow Thayer Band



1:00  PM Jennings & McComber

2:30 PM Rick Redington &  Heather Lynne

3:45  PM Jake Wildwood

5:00  PM Miss Guided Angels

6:15  PM Mamma's Marmalade

7:45 PM Bow Thayer 

Second Stage Artists 


King Arthur JR

Holly Juliet Danger

Nicole Adams

Sisterhood of the Silk Road Dancers

Colin Mace Proctor

Kris Collett




The Devon McGarry Band

Brian's Musical Musings


David Gerald Kloepfer

Erik King



Marcos Levy

The Bubsies

Java Sparrow